Why we brand our ultra-modern, high-tech services with one of civilization’s oldest inventions.

The lyra is one of western civilization’s oldest musical instruments, dating back 3,000 years. Which means it pre-dates the violin, guitar and harp, and even, in some ways, song itself. The word “lyric” is derived from the word lyra.

At Cantara, we believe this beautiful, ancient invention helps tell our modern story. Though technology has changed so drastically, surrounding us, fueling what seems like every possible moment together, the spirit of getting lost in the experience remains the same as must have been for the earliest humans. And at the heart of that spirit, as far back as we know, you would find a lyra. The first piece of technology to connect us, tell the human story, and sing.

At Cantara, we feel a kinship to the lyra craftsmen who created instruments to enhance the human experience. We put that same passion into our work, discovering and designing products and systems that enrich, delight and unite.