A word I think of with Cantara is Fidelity. Fidelity is listening to and absorbing the authentic qualities of life expressed by a client and then reproducing those qualities in a rich audio visual experience that is true to the original. The projects we have done with Cantara bring out harmonies of architecture and media that will always remain a meaningful remembered collaboration.
— Richard Krantz | Richard Krantz architecture

In this line of work, sometimes there’s a bit of name-calling. We hear names like “exacting,” “obsessive,” and “meticulous.” Luckily for us, not only can we take it, we like it. We wear each one of these qualities like a badge of honor. Because we’ve earned it.  

At Cantara, designing, building and delivering incredible technology systems is our life’s work, but we also fully understand that a commitment to true “customer service” means fulfilling all of our client’s needs long after a project is complete. This is why we have an invaluable, dedicated Client Services team which includes just some of the following:


24/7/365 Service

Oversight & Reliability

Remote Capabilities

  • Customer Service 24/7/365. We’ll answer your call or call back in short order, around the clock, 365 days a year.

  • All of our installations have a formal and official one-year warranty — we respond to any needs that arise within that time frame.

  • Remote login capability allows us to effectively troubleshoot 60% of all client issues within 30 minutes.

  • Membership gives you onsite support on nights and weekends

  • Full support of any manufacturer warranty through its duration

  • Constant oversight of our expert service technicians who are in the field

  • Detailed documentation of all projects, from planning and design through installation and the complete lifetime of the system 

  • Professional scheduling and follow-up on all service

  • End-to-end management of any equipment exchanges or repairs needed

  • In addition to Labor and Equipment Warranties, Cantara provides fully editable source code, and a PDF of our engineered as-built drawings to the client upon final payment. This is a commitment that is rare in the industry.